Beans – Am Ch CanGCH Braebrook’s This is How We Do FDJ SDIN SD-S SP

Owners:  Claire Malcolm

  • Call name:  Beans
  • DOB: January 29 2016
  • Height: 22 inches

Beans joined our family in March 2016. Beans was easy to train in the house, in the therapy room and in a variety of dog sports.  She has training in nose work, barn hunt, agility and field work. Driven by her desire to explore and please she has been an easy companion.

Beans finished her Canadian Grand Championship quickly. Beautifully handled by Pat Kopec.  After that accomplishment Beans travelled to the United States in May of 2018 and finished her American Championship quickly under the expert handling of Valerie Nunes-Atkinson.

Beans is a beautiful mover, is agile, and has the nicest temperament.  As a family companion she is friendly, likes to cuddle, and loves being with her people.  Although we frequent off-leash areas twice a day and hang out with different people all day, Beans has never had an issue with human or other animals (including the donkeys, horses, and goats at the Earth Spirit ranch).  This speaks to her steady, calm, and friendly demeanor.

Beans is trained as a therapy dog.  She joins me in my clinical work with children, teens, and families.  She has also successfully whelped 2 litters of puppies.  All puppies have solid temperaments and have been successful in agility, nosework, confirmation, and hunting.  

Health Testing

  • CERF : clear
  • Cone Degeneration (German Shorthaired Pointer Type): Clear
  • Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear
  • Hyperuricosuria: clear
  • Von Willebrand Disease II: Clear
  • Dilute coat test: DD
  • OFA Hips: excellent
  • OFA Elbows: normal
  • Cardiac Echo – Good (Board Certified Cardiologist)

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