Jade does it again, BOS at US National

Pulled out of retirement for another spin around the ring, and she does it.  BOS at the US National.  What a thrill.  With Val on Phoenix’s lead, Carley stepped in to finish her show career in style.  Way to go Carley and Jade.

Huck and Sprout are now WDJ and have their first leg in FD

It was an amazing experience testing in Lillooet BC.  Both earned their final leg in WDJ and their first leg in FD.  Huck has a spectacular run that had everyone in audience cheering for him.  1 wild grouse, 4 points, a double flush, a running bird, and a long retrieve of a live bird.  Steady as a rock this boy did everyone involved proud.  Sprout had an amazing 50 yrd retrieve and was steady on point.

Huck & Sprout earn Rally titles

Huck earns his Rally Intermediate with style at the RDKC trails.  Going High in Class for a second time.  Love this boy and how we work together.  Sprout earns her Rally Novice title with a nice 89.  Love these two.  They make all the work well worth it.  

Jade – 2021/2022 #1 GSP All USA Systems

This has been a crazy ride.  This was only possible with the commitment and dedication of Carley Simpson, Valerie Nunes-Atkinson, Yvonne Hassler-Deterding, Suzanne Acevedo, and Antonio Vidmar.  Team Jade you are amazing.    

Jade – Awarded TOP 25 and Best in Maturity at the 2021 GSPCA National Specialty show  2021. 

To be awarded these prestigious acknowledgements is a dream.  Thank you Judges Maureen Farley for the Best in Maturity honour and Karen Cecil, Breeder Judge; Jay Richardson, AKC Judge; Correy Krickeberg, Handler Judge for the 2021 Top 25 win.  Both are honours one dreams of.  Thank you, I could not be more proud or honoured.

Jade – 2021 Westminster & Morris & Essex Group 1st  

Soooo proud! Words can’t express my gratitude to everyone who made this happen! Especially CJ & Beans. What a lovely job they did.

Thank you Valerie Nunes-Atkinson & Yvonne Hassler-Deterding for saying yes! ❤️. Thank you Carley Simpson & Antonio Vidmar for loving her. Team Jade rocks!

Thank you to the judges for this honour of this win.

 Jade – Two Best In Show and a RBIS win!

Following in her Father’s pawprints where CJ won his first back-to-back BIS wins, Jade wins two BIS and a RBIS.  Thank you Valerie Nunes-Atkinson & Yvonne Hassler-Deterding, Carley Simpson & Antonio Vidmar. We are so happy for everyone involved, we truly did “Reach for the sky!”

Thank you to the judges for the honour of these wins.

Beans – Earns FDJ title

Earns her title with high marks.

Huck – Earns FDJ

Beans – SDDA Nosework Started Title

Beans earns her SDDA Started Nosework title!

Sassy – Barn Hunt Instinct & Novice Titles

Sassy earned her first performance title (Barn hunt Instinct) and earned two Novice Q’s Sept. 14th, 2019 and follows it up with her Novice Title and an Open Q on October 12th, 2019.

Beans – CKC Nosework Instinct Title

Beans entered her first CKC Nosework trial and earned her Instinct Title and two Q’s towards her novice title. We are looking forward to our next CKC scent trial.

Best Puppy In Show #2 – Alberta Kennel Club Summer Classic

Judge Raymundo Lo awarded Huck Select dog and Best Puppy in Group. Judge Betty-Anne Stenmark (pictured) awarded Huck Best Puppy In Show BPIS!!

Best Puppy In Show – Alberta Kennel Club Summer Classic

Judge Patricia Nemirovsky de Alsina awarded Huck Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Group. Judge Raymundo Lo awarded Huck Best Puppy In Show! (photo is with Raymundo Lo and BPIS)

NEW Canadian Championship – Ch Clarity Go’n Big With Vjk-Myst

BBPIS MBBPIG BPIG CH Clarity’s Go’n Big with VJK-MYST. We are proudly celebrating this wonderful boy’s new Champion Status. Just 8 months old and 5 BOB wins in 2 weekends of showing. Thank you to Alison Merrick for completing his championship. Thank you to everybody else who has taken a turn in his short career. Thank you to the judges for seeing the potential in this young boy.

Huck is pictured here with Judge Ricardo Saldana.