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Sassy was bred by Jennifer Sider of Pyxis Rat Terriers in Port Colburne, Ontario and joined our family in Sept. of 2017.

Sassy lives up to her name and is full of sass and personality. She has a beautiful head with lovely fill and under jaw and has matured nicely.  Sassy has a fabulous temperament and we are very very pleased with her.  Sassy is a true terrier and loves hunting rodents. She enjoys Barn Hunt, but would love it more if she could actually kill the rodent.  We continue to train in agility, but our attempt at outdoor trials were a challenge with all the gopher distractions.  We have to wait for trials that don’t have a gopher cheering section.

Sassy is the foundation female for our rat terrier breeding program.  She was bred twice and is now spayed.   Sassy produced lovely puppies in both litters and we are proud of her offspring. These litter can be viewed under “Past Litters”.  Our female Rebel was our keeper puppy from Sassy’s first breeding.

Sassy is approximately 15.5 inches and 22 lbs.

Health Testing

  • PLL Clear
  • PRA-PRCD Clear
  • Hips – Excellent (OFA)
  • Elbows – Normal (OFA)
  • Heart – Echo Normal (OFA)