Congratulations to our Clarity Rat Terrier teams for their accomplishments listed below.  We are lucky to call you friends. Thank you for spending your time and money to promote this awesome breed, but most of all thanks for loving our Clarity Rat Terriers.

Thes brags are in chronological order, newest to oldest.

Sassy & Rebel - AAC ADC titles

Sassy and Rebel both earn thier AAC ADC title!

Pike - New Title CKC RA (Rally Advanced)

Pike earns her CKC Rally Advanced title in 3 straight trials!  Congratulations owner/trainer Miles!

Marvin - Group 4

Marvin is awarded a Group 4 at the Edmonton Kennel Club (August 2023). Thank you to Judge Yvonne Savard for the honour!

Sassy - CKC AGNS

Sassy completes her CKC Novice Agility Select Title!

Pike - CKC Ch and RN

Pike earns her CKC Championship and Rally Novice titles! Along with a CD leg (high in class)! Woot Woot!

Freja - First CKC Points

Freja travelled to Calgary and earned her first 4 CKC Championship points!

Sassy - CKC AGNJS and JTS titles

Sassy completes her CKC Jumps and Tunnes Select and Agility Novice Jumpers Select titles!

Rebel - CKC AGNS and JTS titles

Rebel earns her CKC Agility Novice Select and Jumps & Tunnels Select titles!

Marvin #1 CKC Rat Terrier 2022


Congratulations to Josie Marvin’s owner for all her hardwork and dedication in promoting the Rat Terrier breed with Marvin in 20221

Pike - Trick Dog Champion

Pike and Miles earn their Trick Dog Championship! Way to go Team!!

Marvin - Started Scent Detection Title

Marvin ventures to his first SDDA Scent detection trial and earns his Started title with an SP distinction. That means he passed all 3 components on the same day. Great sniffing!

Marvin RATI Title

Marvin (pictured with the beautiful Tilde~) and Josie earn thier Barn Hunt Instinct title and earn two Q’s towards their Novice title.

Frankie - RATI

Frankie earned her Barn Hunt Instinct title and two Q’s towards her Novice title.  Congratulations to her owner Karen for this first accomplishment! Much more to come from this team.

Sassy - New Ch

Sassy earned her CKC Championship at the AKC Summer Classic.  She is the first full tailed, tipped eared Rat Terrier in Canada to earn this title. Way to go Sassy!

BPISS for Marvin & Josie!

Marvin and Josie travel to SK for the Terrier Breeder Association of Canada Specialty show and are honoured with Best Puppy In Specialty Show!  Thank you Terrier Breeder Specialist Ms. Judy Mcveigh for this win.

Bentley CKC Champion

Bentley earns her CKC Championship title at 10 months of age! Congratulations to co-owner Bonnie Jacobs.

Pike earns her ATD

Clarity’s Storm on the TurnPike earns her Advanced Trick Dog Title! Way to go Pike and owner Miles.

Group 4 and BPIG for Marvin

Marvin wins a Group 4 and BPIG.  Judge Carmen Haller, thank you for this win!

Sassy earns her Rat Open

Sassy finishes her Barn Hunt Open Title.

Group 4 for Marvin

Marvin wins a Group 4!  Judge Shawn Nichols thank you for this win!

Group 2 and BPIG for Marvin

Thank you Judge Dawne Deely for the honour of these wins. 

Marvin - Our first homebred CKC Rat Terrier Champion

Marvin earns his CKC Ch at 6 months of age in 5 days of showing! Way to Go!

Group First and BPIG for Marvin

Marvin (Clarity’s Kaboom of Summer) is awarded Group First at 9 months of age. Thank you Judge Wendy Maisey.

Tigger CKC SD-O

Tigger earns his CKC Scent Detection Open title. First Rat Terrier in Canada to earn this title.